In keeping with the philosophy of our founder we hope to provide students with two types of wine knowledge and experiences:

          A thorough grounding in the basics of wine, and then

          Applying that knowledge specifically to South Africa, as one of the world�s most dynamic wine regions.

We further wish all our students, whether they are following an evenings only seminary or the full Certificate course, to obtain as much actual practical, hands-on experience of and exposure to the wine industry: - the intention being that any of our students may join us on a tutored:

          Field Trip to a wine region, (this will also include an annual Field Trip to the Cape where the tutor will be an experienced Cape Wine Master) to get some hands-on, practical exposure to grapes, viticulture, wine making or other related practical experience. This is an optional trip and will usually be at least 3 days long, but a Field Trip to SA would be longer.

          Visit to a Wine Fair, like the London Wine Fair, ProWein, the Cape Fair or Vinexpo in Bordeaux

          Visits to local wineries

          Once you have completed your course you will still receive, for a minimum of 12 months, regular updates on SA wine

Our courses can be followed either by attending regular classes (courses 1 and 2) or, for those students who cannot, because they are geographically removed from the major centres, or they have too busy a schedule or family commitments, we also offer our courses via e-learning (distance education ) in course 3 .

In addition, if you are already grounded in wine, or are from the wine trade or a hospitality professional you will see that our courses have also been adapted for you.



Costs of Courses
Due to currency fluctuations we have now found that it is more practical to provide the costs of specific courses to prospective  students in their own local currency !
Additionally, if a student has financial difficulties he/she can always contact us and we may be able to come up with a solution.

Kindly contact us therefore in this regard.


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"The quality of what you've learnt, and whether you eventually make that knowledge your own, matters far more than how, from whom, when or where you learnt it!"