Accreditation & Memberships




We actively support and apply the principles of the EU’s Principles on E-learning.




Because of our firm belief in providing our students with an education of appropriate academic standards backed up by well-qualified tutors and a well-run administration, the College, through its founder   has become a member of the:

British Association for Open Learning

European Association for Distance Learning
Association of British Correspondence Colleges
The Society of Wine Educators in the United States of America
International Council for Open and Distance Education
European Association for International Education
European Council for Business Education
European Distance & e-Learning Network


(All of these Institutions lay down strict requirements for membership thus ensuring that students receive a quality education.)

·    Has, in October 2005, and following a strenuous and lengthy investigation by the ISO’s auditors, been awarded the highly regarded international award of quality: “ISO 9001”.

·          Has commenced discussions relating to accreditation and validation with 2 educational institutions in the Benelux and in other parts of Europe.

·         currently discussing with other International Management and Wine Schools the possibilities of providing e-learning wine courses for them

Following the finalisation of the above processes the Flemish government should be appointing the College as an official provider of adult education under a special law which provides educational subsidies to any Belgian taxpayer or person working in Belgium.


If you study the contents of this web site you will notice that we have covered, and explained, far more aspects than those normally required of members of the above institutions ; this
is because we wish our students to be completely informed before registration. You will note that we even allow a cooling off period; point out the potential pitfalls which a student may encounter, and then suggest a possible solution as well.

Last update: 2005-12-23

"The quality of what you've learnt, and whether you eventually make that knowledge your own, matters far more than how, from whom, when or where you learnt it!"